Monday, January 25, 2016

Wherein I bitch about the weather

In my last post I talked a little about not riding because of the abundance of mud and lack of good footing, but was excited about the fact that at least mud meant there wasn't snow.
That bit me in the ass this weekend.
York county got around 30" of snow Friday night into all day Saturday. And it was miserable. And still is. And I hate it.

I have 2 pissed off horses stuck in the barn and 3 pissed off dogs stuck in the house.
I also have a new horse (Chester), new saddle, and new trailer, none of which I can enjoy because of the literally thigh deep snow...also because my truck died and is in the shop.
HOWEVER, our power did stay on so we had water for the animals throughout the storm AND John has a backhoe...we would not be dug out to the point we are now without it or him (I am hopeless at running equipment, unless you count a pitchfork and shovel as equipment).

I am beyond ready for Spring and ready to trail ride again.
Sorry for the rant post!

Monday, January 11, 2016


The title says it all! It's an El Nino weather pattern year which=warm and wet. I am mostly fine with this because it is not snowing, but it does equate to a lot of mud.

Saturday mud-fest began with turning out and heading to work to do stalls there, then coming home and getting all my stalls set up so all horses could come in overnight because of rain. I groomed both my horses and put Chester in for part of the day so I could ride Frosty (who was in raging heat...yay). I tacked her up only to find that there was not a square inch of good footing anywhere on the farm so ended up taking here for a walk up our (long-ish) a short ride but a good one. After getting Frosty put away I got a text from John that he wanted to haul Chester to the indoor, so I got him ready and we hauled over there in my NEW 12ft stock trailer, he did great for his first time at the indoor! Then we returned home, put all the horses inside and I got ready for John's Snap On kick-off dinner in Harrisburg.

It rained A LOT Saturday night so mud-mania continued into Sunday, I woke up and found that the barn and garage and a little bit of the house were flooded. Turned horses out, went to Starbucks and shoveled out stalls.We also did some cleaning up in the upper part of the barn the went tack shopping. Attempted to walk dogs but it started POURING (got sunny again 20 minutes later?!?). The wind kicked up and had Frosty running around like a nut at evening feeding so her and Chester both ended up coming in. I didn't end up getting to ride because there was no consistent stretches of no rain and/or crazy wind, so I was super happy I got both horses ridden on Saturday!