Friday, April 8, 2016

40 hours

I read a post on another blog (I actually got so irritated I did not even finish reading it) about how the author (who worked part time and from home) managed having her horses at home. She essentially said that keeping horses at home was "impossible" on a 40 h/week schedule and that if you do "the only thing you will have time to do is clean up after them and pick up feed and shavings."
As a person who works a 40+ hour week with a pretty rigid schedule and has horses at home this really made me livid.

It is true that most weeks I only have a chance to ride on the weekends and spend a good deal of time on "cleaning up" after the horses and "picking up feed/other supplies." And you know what? I'm pretty sure my horses are totally fine with this. They have feed, water, and a clean environment, these are my top priorities, riding comes second to the health and comfort of my animals.
I'm sure it is great to have flexible work hours or to only have to work part time, but my (and most other's) current reality is that working full time is a requirement to pay the bills. Yes, I could board my horses but I enjoy caring for them and being able to see them every day even if that means I don't get as much riding time.

Obviously very stressed that they don't get ridden everyday