Monday, August 24, 2015

Trucks, dogs, and rotational grazing

Not much going on horse-wise lately. Went riding last weekend near Holtwood, I didn't get any pictures but it was a good ride with friends and a nice work out for Speck!
This weekend I had some small farm projects to do including putting more screenings in both run-in sheds and rotating my horses to (what used to be) their favorite pasture. Our pastures are pretty much toasted so I am moving to full hay feeding -bleah-. I also worked Speck in the round pen.

Fried pasture and the round pen in the background

I also went to a semi-truck show and pull.
I think this would pull my stock trailer just fine
And hung out with the dogs.
It is rare to see them both sitting still-this lasted for about 5 minutes

Monday, August 10, 2015

Traditional riding apparel (is dumb)

I'll start this post with a photo of me wearing my most "traditional" riding stuff, this is an old photo of Speck and I in the hunt field...and I am wearing a lot of stupid things (as you can see by the look on Speck's face, he feels the same) 

Starting from the top...

Hairnet-Annoying to put on and has that knot that digs into your forehead leaving a red mark that stays there for the rest of the day

Stock tie-I HATE these, it feels like you are getting strangled and is next to impossible to tie, especially while on a galloping horse attempting to catch up with the rest of the hunt because they left without you while you were trying to tie the damn thing in your truck's rearview mirror. I eventually got the pre-tied version which looks equally as dumb as the one you tie yourself and does an equally good job of strangling you

Wool coat-Heavy, itchy, dry clean only. No thanks.

Tan/white breeches-The worst idea known to mankind, light colored pants around horses. They also look good on approximately 0.000000000001% of the population (which I am not a part of)

Tall boots-No pain no gain when it comes to breaking these in, and your feet freeze during the hunt. I'll pass.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Michaux state forest trail ride

I took Speck to Michaux State Forest on Saturday which is located between Chambersburg and Gettysburg PA. I did an endurance ride there many years ago and it is a popular training area for riders competing in the Old Dominion endurance ride in VA. I have wanted to ride there again since moving to York county and was SO happy to go.

Ride stats from my iphone GPS app
We parked at the Big Flat parking area (link for directions to parking area). This area is the main access for both  horse and ATV trails, expect to see both ATVs and horses in the parking area if you go, I feed my horses with an ATV so it was no problem but they may be startling if your horse has never seen one! The trail system in the state forest has some trails that are for horses only and some that allow both horses and ATVs, there are signs clearly indicating this at the trailheads and cross roads.

I rode this same powerline during an endurance ride in 2008!
This was such a beautiful area to ride and the weather was perfect with a slight breeze. The trails are a mix of wooded rocky areas and logging/service roads. I would definitely recommend shoes if your horse needs them for the rockier areas. The logging roads were ideal for doing some gaiting with Speck, he gaited awesome because there was actually open space to do so. I think this ride made him think of the mountains inTennessee, where we made some of our best memories together!

Speck observing the powerline and mountains in the distance