Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Spring-ish updates

Aiken in April- John drove the camper down to Aiken and we went down a few weeks later with the horses and dogs. We picked this weekend because it was the Horse Show in the Woods, a benefit show for Hitchcock Woods. The initial plan was to ride in and watch some of the horse show with our horses. Chester did not agree that this was a good idea, as soon as he heard the loudspeaker for the show he started losing his marbles so we opted to ride some other trails then get the truck and dogs and come back later to watch the show. Thankfully John was driving as you actually had to drive through the woods to get in and our dually barely fit. We really enjoyed the show and I think the dogs did as well!

Frankie in the camper
Driving through the woods
Maryland Hunt Cup-This was a great day! The weather was beautiful and it was a very exciting race. I got to dress up...and also day drink (2 things that happen approximately once a year...during the MD hunt cup). Hooray!
Proof that I can dress/look like a normal human...sometimes
New Saddle-I got a beautiful birthday gift from John this year! A Voltaire Palm Beach! I had been lusting over this saddle for months and it is everything I dreamed of and more. The leather is super soft and grippy and it fits Frosty beautifully.
Much wow.

Meeting Frosty's previous owners-I got a Facebook message from a friend of Frosty's previous owner that had found me through this blog that they were going to be in my area and would like to stop in and see her. They had owned Frosty from when she was around 3 until she was 7. It was so amazing to meet them and get learn more about Frosty and what she was like as a young horse. I hope they stop back again sometime soon!
The cutest poneh
Gunpowder Falls-We found a new place to trail ride over Memorial Day weekend, Gunpowder Falls in Maryland. We went on the Barley Pond trail (I took Chester) which is a 4ish mile loop and was perfect for horses, we only saw a few hikers and it was not very hilly or rocky. There was also a nice mix of open fields and shaded/wooded areas. I hope to explore Gunpowder Falls more in the future!
Chester at Gunpowder Falls